mStudios is a design studio which not only is active in one aspect of graphic design but covers a wide array of creative challenges.


NOUN: Workplace for the teaching or practice of an art. PLURAL: stu·di·os. ETHYMOLOGY: Early 19th cent.: from Italian < Latin studium, eagerness, application ☛ study. SYLLABICATION: stu·dio PRONOUNCIATION: ʹst(y)oōdēˌō


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Email: feedback@mstudios.com
Phone: (913) 515-6684




FOCUS: Creating work with care for quality and detail, which not only serves the client but also inspires.


PAST & PRESENT: Early fascination in traditional art and the time in art school formed the foundation of my approach to design and creation. Graduating in Graphic Design and the continued pursuit of new spheres have continually strenghtened and broadened my technical, artistic and management abilities. Today I am self employed and work for architects, design agencies and many other creative professionals.


FUTURE: Since the days of the internet, distance has shrunk to nothingness and I work across the nations, open to the world and the creative adventures within.